Necrons of the Mephrit Dynasty Showcase

I’m slowly plodding along with painting the Necrons. I sort of got distracted by Age of Sigmar and painting a Tree army… 

Anyway, so far I’ve painted up the Lord and a few troop choices. I have the Lychguard nearly finished and there’s a fair bit ready to progress with. 

With regards to the campaign they’re part of; it’s progressing well! My force is just over 1000pts now (started at 400) and I have claimed a fair few tiles. My force is quite resilient despite not being a Decurion – mainly becuase I gained +1 wound on the Lychguard unit making them very hard to take down!

Scheme wise it’s the Mephrit Dynasty colours using the Paint Splatter from White Dwarf issue 46 from December. I went a bit mad with the orange glow making it as bright as I could whilst still being orange. If anyone remembers my old Necron army from 2010 the orange now doesn’t seem as excessive 😉

  • Zito

    May I ask what paints you used for these necrons, I really like what you did.