NECRONS: Plastic Destroyer Lord

Well.. mainly plastic!
My store is running a 500pt (to start with) campaign league thing in February, the initial 500pts can’t have any elites or Heavy, and must have 1 HQ and 2 Troops.

I’ve decided to go with a Destroyer Lord (some of the missions the the campaign are built around your character) armed with Warscythe (+2S and 2d6 armour pen) and Sempiternal Weave (2+save), which makes him pretty hard. To back him up I have a squad of 8 teslas immortals, 6 normal immortals and 8 scarabs!
He’ll probably join the scarabs for a turn before jumping off on his own to chop up small squads and light tanks (one player, the manager, is using the IA1 armoured company list and taking three leman russ variants!!)

Anyway, here are some pictures!


He’s made from some of the plastic components from the lychguard set, with Settra’s cloak (I couldn;t get it to fit on him)/ Then he is precariously pinned to a base with some old scarabs stuck on which I found when visiting home for Christmas.

  • Warflake

    Excellent work I really like the menacing look of him.

  • scarylion

    ha looks like he’s kayaking 😉

  • Dezartfox

    Lol oh dear. Now you’ve ruined my vision of a knight on a horse.. 🙁