Necrons: The Deceiver

Ok, I may have said that the Necrons were just a “one off” project for the store contest.. but then it dawned on me that I can make a 1750 army for an upcomming tournament by purchasing very little!
I went to GW on my birthday and got myself another Battleforce, a Deceiver and a Monolith.. I now have MORE than I need.. but I seem to have fallen in love with the ‘Crons, if modelled and painted right they can look great, and that’s what I plan to do!

So after a can of Relentless Energy drink and 2 Creme Eggs I had a crazy sugar rush and built this guy, took me to about 4am with greenstuff and whatnot. Then after little sleep I applied the pumice to his base.

I decided to do something special to his base, firstly I mounted him on a 60mm rather than a 40mm, mainly for balance and so I could do this:

Now it looks as though he’s moving the elements! I’m tempted to try and sculpt this up a little more so show the effect better. The stuff I use is called “white pumice”, it’s made from Vallejo and comes in a 200ml tub. I picked it up on the way down to the Doubles from Maelstrom Games. Great little shop! Hobbyists dream in there!
Anyway, its as simple as getting an old brush or spreader and smearing it over the bases, once dry it doesnt crumble like sand does and doesnt make a mess. Plus if you go wrong it’s possible to “peel” it off like skin, so if you get some on a model by accident it’ll come off no problem! I’ve never really ventured into basing before, not liked the idea of sand and gravel, but this stuff is wonderful! Get a big tun of it for around £5, will last for ages!

  • Skcuzzlebumm

    Out of interest what is the 1750 tourney Tim? I'm always on the look out for 1750 events as practice for when I go to Germany to play in the ETC.

  • Dezartfox

    I THINK Open War, run by the 1st Company Veterans is 1750, well.. it was
    last year and when I went a few years back.

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  • Skcuzzlebumm

    Yes it is, i should be going to that. Need to help Flame On defend the title as usual. Been twice, came 1st then 2nd, seems to be a tourney that likes me ; )

  • Dezartfox

    Awesome, I came joint first in 2006 I think, ended up with 2nd, bah!

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  • nurglephill

    Ahhh so THATS the model you where working on! (I had a diff one pictured in my head :P)
    I am still a bit pissed at how hard these sods are….bah

  • mart007

    Whats with the red bits?

    1750.. I really need to get my daemons done by then as I dont fancy taking an ork horde at the point level, I'll be lucky to get past turn 4!! 🙁