Necrons: They Rise From The Sand

Played a 500pt double game today at GW, used my Crons! Their first real battle! *wipes tear from eye*

I had:
Lord with Destroyer Body(T6, jetbike), Warscythe(no armour or invuln, 2d6 pen) and Nightmare Shroud (all units in 12″ take morale check)
10 warriors
8 scarabs
Tomb Sypder with claws.

I was teamed up with a Nid player(yeahhhh..)with Swarmlord and 20 hormagaunts with toxin sacs…
I was against Imperial Guard and Marines. Both armies were shooty armies and I expected to die quickly. Marines had a captain, a tactical squad in a Pod and another tactical squad. Guard had a veteran unit, an infantry platoon with hq and 2 squads, and then his HQ platoon. LOTS of heavy weapons in both armies..
They set up in a line across the board, there were 4 objectives sort of in a square. I deplyed the scarabs, the Lord and spyder behind a hill, the warriors stayed in reserve.

Going to miss out the Nids stuff.. as he didn’t do that much, he deployed at the other end of the table from mine and ran towards the enemy, got swarmlord in combat and was stuck there nearly all game. The swarm lord isn’t THAT good for 280 points, not against bog standard marines. He’s a character hunter

So I turbo boost the Lord and Scarabs forward (2+ cover save!). THe guard player practically crapped his pants as my metallic Beatles were in charge range next turn. THe spyder scurried forward, pooping out a swarm to benefit from the mixed toughness rule (the Scarab would be counted as T6 when rolling to wound).
The Guard player shot everything (along with triple lasgun shots from orders) at the scarabs, he downed one base and put a wound on the Lord. Sat in front of my scarabs was a veteran squad, a hq platoon, an infatnry platoon and a normal infantry squad, all with autocannons/missiles etc.
In my turn the warriors arrived, and hid behind a large rock ready to advance on the objective.
I moved the Lord and his scarab buddies into the center of his battleline and popped of shroud. TWO of his four units ran and fled off the board. The HQ platoon were then assaulted by scarabs and the Lord,
His turn he charged his infantry platoon into the scarbs and didn’t do that much. I wiped them all out through winning combat and chasing them down.
My turn I zoomed 24″ towards a marine tactical squad (the swarm lord was busy poorly chopping up another squad..and the hormagaunts were practically gone). He shot, caused a few wounds, then charged me, I was then in combat with them til their turn 6, I eventually wiped them out (Go Lord!). The Spyder had chomped through a Drop pod and the warriors had walked onto an objective.
So 1 objective to 0 out of 4.

The scarabs are a great unit, especially when doubled up with the Lord.

Here’s some pics of my army as I didn’t take my camera.

  • winterous

    That is EXACTLY why you need flamers.

  • soullessawakened

    Congratz on a great 'Cron win. If you don't have to worry about phase out, Necs are awesome and fun.

  • nurglephill

    so scarabs, are they vulnerable to flamers and frag missiles?

  • mart007

    They are nasty little blighters Scarabs…. I can see them bogging down my daemons.

  • Dezartfox

    Yus, Flamers are the worst bit because I'll lose my 2+ cover save. However I
    only have to go 18″ to get it, and have a potential 18″ charge range. So I
    can happily sit out side of flamer range 🙂

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  • Dezartfox

    Damn right they will. Either them or my Monolith will mono-block you.

    2010/1/22 Disqus <>

  • Dezartfox

    I tend to think, if I'm close to phase out then I've probably lost anyway…
    However it will be a kick in the teeth as I'll be denied the opportunity to
    have my last model on the table and thus wining the game through objectives

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