NECRONS: Valgul The Fallen Lord Conversion Painted!

SO I finally got around to painting Valgul The Fallen Lord, or blinky, or old one eye, whatever you feel like calling him!

I tried to keep similar colours to the over Lord and Overlords, but slightly muted and worn to represent his surroundings. I used the same method of painting gold as usual (Two coats of Cassandora Yellow over the silver) but did a bit of chipping with silver before dusting it with Dark Iron weathering powder from Forge World. The White deathmask makes a great focal point, especially with the one black eye socket, the scar and the glowing eye. Finally I added splodges of blood, as this guy doesn’t mind getting up close and personal.

In games I think I will try out the Stormlords rules, mainly for the Night Fighting rules (to protect the Flayed ones) plus the deepstrike-and-not-scatter bloodswarm scarabs are pretty useful and fit the theme quite well.

  • Mr Grumpy

    Hideous, ugly and unpleasant.
    That’s enough about me, I really like what you’ve done. Good paint job.