NECRONS: Valgul The Fallen Lord Conversion

Been re-reading the Necron background in the Codex this week, and after reading about “The Bone Kingdom of Drazak” I had to convert the Fallen Lord himself to go with my 60 Flayed Ones.

He’s made from a spare pair of Lychguard legs, a Destroyer Torso, a Destroyer Lord Spine, a spare Nightbringer scythe, a Immotekh arm, a spare Crryptek arm and a lytchguard staff which was lengthened, a Warrior head from the Ghost Ark and finally some metal cabling from Dragon Forge.

  • Mr Grumpy

    Good conversion! Now he needs a suitably gory paint scheme.

  • Dezartfox

    Bahaha not much gets painted these days..

    I am rather happy with the conversion though, so might get him done along with the other Lords! 🙂


  • Von

    Looks a happy chap. I’m glad to see someone exploiting the named, not-ruled characters in the new background, too!

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