New Necron Aircraft List!

So I’m pretty sure all of you have seen the new aircraft that GW have put on Pre-order..

Now that they’re going to be available, how will the current Necron lists change?

The problem I’m having is that everything in the book is too good not to include. I want to make a flying army, but I want to also have a scarab farm, a huge unit of teleporting Lychguard, and a mech based force flanked by Triarch stalkers!

Seriously I have models that I’ve never used!

My latest idea is putting Zandrekh in a Night scythe with a unit of Immortals, blasting them across the board the full 36″, then teleporting Obryon across next to his transport with a big unit of Lychguard with Dispersion Shields. I think that will scare most people!


What are your thoughts on the new Necron Models? And how will they affect the gaming in your area?

  • Happy guy

    I´m thinking tessla destructor spam. And three deathrays. You can get 8-9 flyers in at 1750p. Allso when they get blown up youre worriors don´t get scruwed. They just end upp in reserve.

  • Dezartfox

    That sounds quite cool actually. That’s a lot of vehicles for the opponent to shoot down!

  • martianboy

    Welcome to Necrotyr Air, please bring your trays and seats to the upright position, and PREPARE TO BLAST SOME MARINES OUT OF THEIR METAL BAWKES!!!!!


    Thank you for flying with Necrotyr Air, have a pleasant flight.

  • Garybillyjr

    45$ a pop, just on transports …. ouch