Hello Readers!

I’ve had no internet for a while, and been busy. More apologies!

I’ve been doing a couple of hobby related things. I finished my entry for Armies on Parade for Games Day and go myself a medal. Below are some WIP pictures of it:

It’s a big spinny vortex of doom! for my Daemons of Tzeentch to ride. I’ll see about taking some updated finished photos this week.

On Saturday me and a friend also had a speed painting competition for the new Nurgle Lord dude. These guys are off to GamesDay as part of a big unit of plaguebearers, I think they’re acting as Epidemus’s bodyguards:

I’ve been playing a lot of games with my Daemons and I’ve discovered Grey Knights are awful at killing Daemons.. even when they’re wounding me on 2’s. I guess the re-rollable 4+ invuln doesn’t help.. 😉

  • Daniel Leblanc

    GLEE!!! Your return has been much anticipated.  I was suffering withdrawals and reading through the archives just last night.

    On the hobby front, the green cyclone of death looks pretty bad-ass, looking forward to pictures of the completed display with all the little dudes.  The Nurgle guy is a little boring outside of the skin tones, which I rather like, and I would love to know how you accomplished them.  I suppose the speed painting aspect can be a good excuse for the armour being less than up to your usual drool-worthy skill level.

  • xzandrate

    Funny how I was just discussing the very same weakness of GKs. 
    All those force weapons make for some really feeble attacks vs things with the blessing of khorne.  2+ invulns are great.
    Luckily our local meta doesn’t have any GK yet, but I keep hoping for a reason to play around with a demon list.