Nihilakh Dynasty Necron Commission Showcase

A small quick commission I painted in a day at the Tabletop Level consisting of the new plastic Overlord, the older Finecast Overlord and a squad of 5 Lychguard with Dispersion shields.

The client asked for them in the Nihilakh Dynasty scheme and a run through of how they were painted, which I’ve put below the images!

I’ll be starting to paint my own Necrons soon as there’s a 40k campaign starting at the end of June – it’s 400pts escalation style based around the tiled hexagonal map system, I’ve written the campaign rules using a nice easy method of capturng tiles and playing games 🙂 Once I’ve written it up properly I’ll make sure to share it on the site!


Run through of the scheme:

  • Basecoat black, overspray Vallejo Air Gunmetal (or heavy drybrush of Leadbelcher will do).
  • Wash with Nuln Oil, wash joints and non-limb bits (weapons, spines etc) agrax.
  • Gold is Balthasar Gold washed Agrax
  • The enamel panelling is basecoat of Sotek Green, drybrushed Skink Blue, then wash recesses and odd patches Reikland Fleshshade and then glaze Lamenters Yellow. A layer of gloss gives it the deep marble colouring.
  • The green glow is Moot Green airbrushed over the weapons and orbs. Dorn yellow (Edge paint) to make sources stand out (the eyes), then all the weapon and glows glazed Lamenters yellow and then Waywatcher green to tie it all together.
  • Base is Grey texture base washed Athonian Camoshade dryburshed Celestra grey.
  • For a higher standard the silvers and gold could be Drybrushed before the washes and the panellig highlighted.