Not Quite Dead Yet..

Howdy! Seems I’ve been neglecting the site again. Hopefully you’ve all been keeping up to date with my hobby antics on Facebook!

The Empire are still being painted (naturally.. always leave it until last minute!). The Tau have been back out on the gaming tables after a long break of not playing. Tonight I built two riptides (instead of painting the Empire!)

Here are the WIP shots of the Crossbows, you can see the completed “metal hammer dudes” unit in the background:
 photo 2013-04-23144305.jpg

The Riptides. Got to get a third really so I have a team.
 photo 2013-04-24203524.jpg

AND finally my double ended pro studio brushes arrived from Games and Gears. Best £25 pledge I’ve ever made 😉
 photo 2013-04-24204949.jpg