Nurgle Terminator Lord

I found this guy sat at the back of my top shelf, I built him when the new Chaos Terminator Lord kit came out, where he was entered into a competition to kill the most guardsmen, where he won! He was being used as a Sorcered with Nurlges rot.. he pooped on a lot of guardsmen, I think i got 60 in the 20 minute allowance, next highest person got 45. I won a Daemon Prince for winning that!

I quite like him, it was in the days where I didn’t care too much about mould lines, but the painting isn’t too bad for when he was painted!

Also got a little more done on the Blood Bowl Orcs, not much I’m afraid as I spent my evening eating and writing up a “Deffwing” list, more on that tomorrow!

  • nurglephill

    ohhh now thats a gribbly termy :). I really can't wait to see you do another Death Gaurd/ nurgle PM army with your new skills. but alas i think it will be some time 😛

  • Shrink

    What a great idea for the Terminator Lord! Well executed.

  • john

    The Nurgler has a wonderfully manky quality,

  • winterous

    Huh, that's a very interesting competition.
    Yeah, Nurgle's Rot would do it nicely.

  • Name

    great Nurgle model, with great colors, mine seem to end up very dull and muted.

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