Object Source Lighting Tests – OSL

I’ve been trying out new methods of creating Object Source Lighting effects (Or OSL). I really dislike the airbrush method I see a lot these days, it just looks too… “airbrushed” if you get me. It doesn’t reflect off areas like it should do.

Normally I prefer using paints or dry pigments such as the green OSL glow I commonly do (tutorial here) and the blue OSL glow on my Necrons.

Recently I’ve  created a paint/wash/glaze using Vallejo airbrush thinner(could use glaze medium, or GW’s Lahium Medium) and the Dayglow pigment from Forged Monkey as seen on the scouts I posted the other day.

Today I tried a few different OSL methods, trying different thicknesses of glazes and over different colours. Once I have the method refined I’ll post a tutorial. Basically the green and blue glows were put on over a white base coat whereas the orangey red was done over a yellow basecoat.

All the models are from Dark Vengeance and painted to the Tabletop Quality (they’re not quite finished yet either 😉 )

10613042_1006804536012280_307936491956944707_n 10612609_1006804496012284_8750997476338504006_n 10599483_1006804352678965_3358361919307083802_n 10550987_1006804292678971_5539491105772358379_n10613108_1006804326012301_3044205482685424887_n

  • greggles

    Agree on the airbrush OSL. It tends to look like they just took a highlight color, and did a quick spray around the model. (which is pretty much what they did). I’m guilty of doing this on my buildings, but in my defense, I don’t know what I’m doing yet. 🙂

    I am seriously impressed with the sword on the librarian. It’s really well done, and the OSL is really nice. The plasma cannon is also really well done.

    On the terminator sarg…I’d like to see the sword brighter. It seems to be of the same illumination as the OSL itself.

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  • Michael Harley

    That green sword is insane. Looks so unreal!!
    Fancy to make a tutorial?