Ogre Kingdoms Commission Pt1

So this week I’ll be mainly painting an Ogre Kingdoms are to go with The Empire army I painted as a commission last year. The Ogres will be in a similar scheme with the Reds, Yellows and Blues as prominent colours. They’ll be painted to my Tabletop Standard as detailed on the commission page 🙂

Spent yesterday building the force and today I primed and airbrushed all the flesh colours on the entire army. The flesh was painted using the three main flesh colours from GW; Bugmans Glow as a base coat and then Cadian Fleshtone from above and sides and finally Kislev Flesh from above concentrating on the head. I then added a glaze in the recesses which consisted of a mix of Druchi Violet, Reikland Fleshshade, Glaze Medium and Lahmiam Medium/Airbrush Thinner. This added a slight purple tinge to the recesses which added some depth and colour the large flat areas of flesh.

I managed to get one of the units of twelve Ogres almost finished today, I plan to add the Yellow as warpaint and also on the banner, what do you think? Will it stand out on the flesh?

Ogre 2Ogre 1  Ogre 3 Ogre 4 Ogre Painting