Ogre Kingdoms Commission Pt3

Day three of the Ogre commission I’m working on! You can view the other parts here:

Part 1
Part 2

Today I managed to get the fur done on both the Thundertusk and Stonehorn and also finish the Firebelly.
You can see that my fire has improved a lot since the last firebelly I painted up a few years back for my own Ogre Army. This time I followed how fire actually looks rather than the shape of how it was sculpted. It was just some hand blended reds, yellows and oranges blended together with some glazes and brushed with some weathering powder and daylight glow pigments.


Ogre Firebelly 1

Ogre Firebelly 2

The Stonehorn was quite fun to paint, the horns came out great for a simple technique. I based them grey and washed them with Agrax Earthshade. I then drybrushed them lightly with Longbeard Grey and glazed the jewels/gems with yellow and blues. Finally I added random patches of green glaze to add a bit of colour variation and weathering.

Ogre Stonehorn