Ogre Kingdoms Commission Pt4

So after a nice break at the weekend I’m back for the final day of working on the Ogre commission!

I had the converted Tyrant, 2 Sabretusks and the big Thundertusk to finish off today.

I also needed to apply the basing to the entire army, which I left til last as I decided to make my own textured paint rather than use GW’s Blackfire earth paint – I bought a big pot of brown acrylic (I’ll find out which if people are interested) that was a close match to the colour. I figured out that if I bought the equivalent of the amount from GW it would cost me £50…. this pot cost £6.99 from a local art shop! I added some various grades of sand and finally some PVA to bind it all together.

Below is a picture of the Tyrant with his brace of handguns (and a spare on his belt). He sports a lovely blue cloak to fit in with the Marienburg colours that are part of the entire army.

The Thundertusk wouldn’t fit in the photobooth and I lost the natural light for a desk photo. I added a slight icy blue glow to his eyes, nostrils and mouth to represent the coldness he emits.

There’ll be some better photos once the basing is complete tomorrow!

Ogre tyrant1

Ogre Tyrant2