Ogre Maneaters Complete! (Doubles 2012)

Been a busy bee this week! I’ve managed to completely finish the Ogres (again, not the bases, as we’re still deciding on a scheme!)

So the first 1000pts of the Ogres is done, next will be the 1000pts of Empire!

The next few days I’ll post up the photos of the complete units 🙂 OR you can go and Like my Facebook page, which will have all the photos on in the Doubles 2012 album!

Maneaters! I love my sniper/poison Maneaters, they’re shooty and very good in combat, which is perfect for small games, if I snipe even one wound off your lv2 wizard, you’re now less likely to want to miscast!

I might add a bit of soot weathering powder to the guns once the bases are done.