OGRES: Dwarf Slayer Maneater Conversions Complete

Managed to get my Ogre Maneater Slayer Conversions finished! They came out pretty good I think. Very ginger.. very ginger indeed…

 photo DSCF8351.jpg

 photo DSCF8356.jpg

 photo DSCF8355.jpg

 photo DSCF8353.jpg

 photo DSCF8352.jpg

 photo DSCF8358.jpg

  • DAVE smells your bottom

    Posh background. Photoshopped on? Turntable where from?

  • http://www.the-vanus-temple.com Dezartfox

    Just a background printed off and stuck on the background like the usual curved piece of paper
    The turntable is a solar powered rotation display from amazon, was about £5 in total!