Ogres Kingdoms Commission Pt2

Second part of this weeks Ogre Commission! Today I painted the unit of 12 Ironguts with full command. These took a little longer to paint than the normal Ogres as they have more armour and a lot bigger (and meaner looking!) weapons.

They’re painted to my Tabletop Level (which is still pretty detailed in my opinion) with basic weathering which looks great on the Ogre armour plates.

Not too sure on the banner design, I want to keep it simple (it’s an Ogre banner..) but still striking. Might try and add a bit more to it towards the end of the project.

I really like the converted unit champion I built, He’s got a weapon which I can only describe as a Hockey stick from the Mournfang set as well as extra armour and his cool tomb king banner top mohawk helmet.. looks pretty scary!

Ogre Irongut 2Ogre Irongut 3 Ogre Irongut 1 Ogre Ironguts

  • Richard

    These look so good and they are really only at your 1x tabletop standard? Mate awesome job