OGRES:Converted Khemri Ogres Painting Complete!

So the army is now FINISHED. With only a this evening to spare too.

I’ve scheduled the completed army pics for tomorrow whilst I am playing at Throne of Skulls 🙂

The Khemri Ogres are something I’ve always wanted to do, I modelled them like giant Tomb Guard and even used the Halberds from the Tomb Guard kit too.

 photo 018-1.jpg
 photo 017-1.jpg
 photo 016-1.jpg
 photo 015-1.jpg
 photo 014-1.jpg
 photo 013-1.jpg
 photo 012-1.jpg
 photo 011-2.jpg
 photo 010-2.jpg
 photo 009-2.jpg
 photo 008-2.jpg
 photo 007-2.jpg
 photo 006-2.jpg
 photo 005-2.jpg
 photo 004-2.jpg

  • http://www.facebook.com/rob.godin.3 Rob Godin

    This army is looking so sweet!
    Serious jealousy at your hobby skills