Ork Biker Test Model

Painted up an Ork Biker to the Pro standard as a test piece for commission work, there’s a few more things I would have liked to add to him but ran out of time, the sort of things that’d I’d do on the army such as more distinct markings and colours as well as some gore on the claw.

The large areas of metal were pretty interesting to weather. I used a mix of washes, sponge weathering and weathering powders to get the desired look. I still have a few pots of the old Citadel Inks that I keep for doing oily parts such as the suspension on the front wheel.

I left the Shoulder pad and jaw blank so in future the correct colours can be added depending what Klan is chosen. I think the chequered pattern would look great on the shoulder pad.

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  • http://www.feedyournerd.com/greggles-tabletop.html greggles

    Really great work here. The weathering is spot on. I tend to go for a slightly brighter ork skin, but that is just personal taste more then anything else. 🙂

  • http://warhammergateway.com RussDE

    Awesome paint job. I like the muted colour scheme and weathering.