Eldrad Commission painting

I Finished paint this for a commission painting . i changed it a bit from the last one i did keeping the cloak dark this time.

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Commission Painting Malice Daemon Creature Caster

I Painted this commission for as a prize for a local Tournament best sportsmen award i used a light blue base then glazed various darker shades of blue to create the gradients. The metals were based with a dark blue green then various metallic colours were added and the edges have been picked out using a bright silver mixed with […]

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Legion of the Damned Primaris Marines

I have just started work on a new army this is the test model for it i used scale colour 75 paints on the model which gives a very matt finish to the model. The black was highlighted buy just adding Mojave white to the black over 4 stages. The lenses fire and base were painted using Deep red as […]

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