Past and Present

I found a load of old marines from my first days in the hobby, and from each re-coat of paint they had to now..

This was originally a 1k son, I think this might have been the second/third batch of them as I remember painting the first lot blue and gold, and then them all light blue and green and then light blue and bone.. these were when I was about 13-14

I started a khorne army to go with the 1k sons. Blue and Red.. look like Aston Villa football colours

All the 1k sons then got their heads removed and transformed into green marines!  Was about 14-15 then

I then went for a lazy IW scheme of black. Was 16 when these were painted

These were during my first year at college (17-18), this was the time of my crazy Nurgle tanks:

and then now (19):

Great to see skills evolve.. how have your skills improved over the years?

  • nurglephill

    wow, thats some impressive learning curve! FAB 🙂

  • erebus

    wow… just wow… nice learning curve man!