Perfectly Balanced?

Hope Rocko doesn’t mind me posting this.. but I can’t resist!
This model is balanced on its own without any support, just the weight of the metal parts..

  • Folkert

    Awesome, Nuff said

  • john

    Wow, a wheelie!

  • DSS

    Now why would I mind at all?

    P.S. 'Rocco' 😛

    And yes, it does balance that way. The kit is so damn heavy it isn't funny.

  • Drathmere

    I love the old gene stealers. Any remember the limo? 🙂

  • zealotohio

    they all seem to manage it. i did it a few times when i had my wh stuff. funny still tho : )

  • Fire_Harte

    Haha, awesome man nice to see that up here! 😀