Plastic Daemon Prince, Finished!

Took some more photos of the Daemon Prince, so here are the best ones!

I also tried something new out photography wise, following Massive Voodoos tutorial. Will take some practice.

  • Bark04

    This looks super intimidating! Awesome paint job! I'm loving the wings.

  • James

    Looks incredible, may I ask what material you use for basing?

  • oni

    I absolutely love the new Daemon Prince and you sir have done it great justice.

  • Nikiblowman

    Your base looks a little familliar…… Like this model alot and it looks like the peoples of ebay like just as much.

  • The_Darklighter

    Lolz, my last post makes no sence at all and the name tag has messed up. It's supposed to read…

    ..I like this model alot and it looks like the peoples of ebay like it just as much.

    Never mind. If it's not spelling that's wrong it's me missing whole words out of sentances.

  • evil_termite

    Very, Very nice! Well put together and well painted!

  • Krom

    Looking good. What's your colour palette and technique for the base? I like it and may nab it for my next army.

  • Jeff the Pirate Viking

    loving how subtly you worked the glow around the eyes. Nice job all round. [applauds]

  • Alchatron

    Great work! It's on the UK GW blog now: