Plastic Lictor Conversion Tutorial

In this tutorial I’ll be showing you how I made my plastic Lictors using existing Tyranid parts and next to no sculpting work!


The list of parts are as followed:

  • Large scything talons (carnifex, tyrant etc)
  • Warrior legs, tail, torso,rending claws and flesh hooks
  • Tail scythe from Warrior Prime (not 100% needed)
  • Venomthrope head


First step is to bend the tail upwards. This step isn’t totally necessary but makes it look less like a warrior. I use a heat gun to slowly heat the tail and curl it upwards. To finish it off I stick the scythe tail on the end, but on the reverse side it would normally be on.


Next step is to cut the neck stump on the Warrior torso so it’s flush with the rest of the head gap.


Then you need to cut the bottom of the Venomthrope neck flat, somewhere near the flat area underneath, but as long as it’s flat it’ll work.


The head should fit nicely into the space on the torso and any gaps should be barely visible. I also add the flesh hooks here as they’re a bit fiddly.


Finally I join the parts together and add the arms. The larger scything talons won’t fit into the sockets but will attach to the outside of the sockets and to the underneath of the carapace.


  • sinsynn

    Those Carnifex arms are a lil’ muscular for a Lictor, but you’re definitely onto something here…
    I wonder if there’s a set of arms from the Ravener kit or Warrior kit that would work…the Talons might need lengthening (plastic butterknife cut with a dremel), but this might work.

    Clever kitbash, fer sure!

  • greggles

    Great kitbash. I agree with sinsynn though, the arms are a bit big but still work. Trying to think of another source of talons…maybe the new tyrant guard kit?

  • dwez

    That’s a great conversion. Hoping to build on sinsynn’s comment you could cut the talon down, perhaps remove the first or second [biggest] chitin plates, then use a Warrior’s Scytal arm cut down and attached to make the the bigger talons and a more proportional arm.

    However, that requires more bits, mmore effort and is less cost-effective as a kit bash, so it’s only a small price to pay to follow your tutorial.

  • Dezartfox

    They’re the only arms I could think of that looked long enough to look similar to the normal Lictor arms. If I come across anymore that are suitable I’ll update the post 🙂 there’s a lot of difference between these arms and a warrior – we need an in between beast 😉

  • Colin Healey

    I’d use claws from the trigons frame. Pick the ones that fit the best.

  • Dezartfox

    They’re wider and more muscular I believe,

  • Martin Richard Tilbury

    I’d say it’s fine considering Lictors are S6 😛