How to Add Rivets Tutorial

This article is originally from 2010, my images back then were smaller and since the article was written the paint range from GW has changed so some colours will no longer be available. A conversion chart can for Citadel paints can be found here.
All you need is a water filter cartridge, these vary in price, usually around £3 or £4. Try to find the cheapest you can as they’re all the same for this purpose.

Simply cut open the mesh bit and pour out the contents into a container. You have a million tiny rivets that will last you forever in various sizes!


All you have to do is make a small indent in your model where you want a rivet, I recommend making a mark with your knife first and then make a small indent using a small drill bit. Depending on the size of the rivet will determine how deep you want the hole, you want the rivet to be about half way in.
Put a spot of glue on a piece of card, stab the end of your sharp knife into the rivet to pick it up, dab it in the glue and place it in the hole. You can add a second coat of glue after it’s dried to fill any of the gaps and hole made by the knife:DSCF1449 DSCF1452 DSCF1451 DSCF1450