Angels of Redemption

The Angels of Redemption force was created for one of Games Workshops Doubles events in 2011. The force was allied with an Imperial Guard Elysian force. I was using the Blood angels rules (guy with fire sword is Gabriel Seth). The Force was nominated for Best Painted Army.

The Angels of Redemption were all converted with each terminator having a slightly altered pose and even a Dreadnought hanging from the back of Storm Raven!

Krom’s Elysians had guardsmen rappelling from the Valkyrie Gunships, superb weathering and both forces had a matching basing scheme. We even created a printed army list in the style of a Dataslate which you can see in the Gallery below.

There’s a 360 Spin Video of the Angels of Redemption Gabriel Seth conversion on the 360 Spins Gallery

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