Magnetising Age of Sigmar Prosecutors Wings

I’d thought I’d share the quick and easy method on how I magnetised the Prosecutor wings from the Age of Sigmar set.

I’m not one to usually magnetise models, I usually stick to one weapon configuration or have multiples to make the variations needed. However when it’s for an aesthetic and practical reason I’ll do it!

The wings on the Prosecutors stick out a fair bit from the model and they’re also quite pointy – no way at all they’ll fit in any foam based case without taking up a lot of room. Hopefully this tutorial helps solve that.

Things you’ll need:

  • Hand Drill/Pin Vice with 2mm drill bit (the citadel drill comes with this).
  • 2mm wide x 1mm deep N52 neodymium magnets (these ones are perfect).
  • Superglue.
  • Hobby Knife.
  • Your Prosecutor models!

If you take a look at the back of the model and the wings you’ll see there’s two little recesses and two little bumps that align the wings to the model. The first step is to slice away the TOP bump on the wings leaving the bottom intact – this will act as an anchor and stop the wing spinning. Next make a small indent/mark in the center of the now flat bump as a guide for the drill bit (a pointy knife or end of file works well).

Using a 2mm drill bit (the big one if you’re using the citadel drill) drill a hole using the indent as a guide. I recommend drilling a tiny bit and then using the magnet as a guide to test the deepness. You want to drill 1mm deep but as this is hard to judge use the magnet to test dry fit it, you want the magnet flat/flush.

Now on the prosectuor itself you can use the existing hole to simply drill the same size hole as above using the same dry fitting method.

Once you have you holes it’s time to glue magnets in! The easiest method I’ve found is to keep the magnets in the tower stuck together, put a bit of glue on the end of the end magnet and place it in the hole. Drag the remaining magnets sideways away and use a spare finger to hold the glued one in place. It’s best to try to keep the tower of magnets in your fingers as you can now easily flip the tower over and stick a magnet from the other end of the tower into the hole in the wings – this ensures the magnets will actually work and attract!

Another tip is to try to use the same polars for all the models so the wings are interchangeable and fit all the models (or two in the case).

The wings for the two normal prosecutors have the hair attached to the wings which acts as a great anchor point and stop the wings spinning. The Proscutor-Prime however doesn’t so his wings might be a little looser – I plan to put a small pin in place of the second bump so hold it in place better as there’s not enough space for two magnets.


I hope this tutorial helps you pack away your Prosecutors easier! If you have any suggestions for alterations let me know in the comments below! 🙂