Below you can find the painted parts of my massive Necron force. I’ve been playing Necrons since early 5th edition and was very successful with the old 3rd edition Codex.
A large chunk of the force was painted on the release day of the new current book for a tournament the next day. I got very little sleep that night… but I did win Best Painted Army!

The Necrons scheme was kept purposefully simple because of the very limited time I had. Since then I’ve tweaked the scheme a little so the models are a bit more striking.

There’s a fair few conversions in the Necrons army, a lot of the characters being reposed as well as some unique models of Lords that I’ve made.


  • spalanz

    I love that Obyron conversion! Mine turned out horribly, paint ended up with a horrible look on most of his body, but also the arms didn’t fit properly. I’ve bitten the bullet and bought another, so might try doing something like this instead! Love the Lychguard poses you’ve got there, too – they’re without a doubt my favourite kit to build, just because of these options! Fantastic stuff!

  • Dezartfox

    I didn’t like the model with the original scythe, it made it look heavy and like he was struggling to hold it! Plus mine was a bit miscast…
    I love the Lychguard models so wanted to pose them to look intimidating 🙂

  • Rasmus

    Really cool and beatiful painted army. The blood spatter on the models are awesome