Ogre Kingdoms

Below is my Ogre Kingdoms Army, it currently stands at 2000pts but more shall be added soon!

The entire army is converted, each unit covering a theme from the Warhammer Fantasy World. The Giant converted Arachnarok Spider counts as a Thundertusk (sticky webs slow you down!).

There are Dwarf Slayer themed Ogre Kingdoms Maneaters, Nuln Pistol firing Maneaters and Leadbelchers, a Tomb King Khemri themed unit of Ironguts, a mechanical Ironblaster and even some Mournfang based on Empire Knights.

The army uses loads of converted models and bits from various armies making it very unique. It started as a small 1k army as part of a Doubles force with the Empire force I painted. Since then both armies have grown to at least 2000pts and counting.