Plastic Necron Heavy Destroyer Conversion Tutorial

The conversion requires one right side of the tomb blade gauss cannons, and then another two cannons (either left or right, it doesn’t matter as we are only using the rods)
You can see where I’ve trimmed the cannons just before the rods to give a sort of skeleton to the gun barrel. For extra strength these could be pinned together but I used good old plastic glue and they’ve stayed together.
For the arm I used another piece from the Tomb Blade set, which I believe is the “Nebuloscope”. The piece snaps in half pretty easy, then the flat half connects to the socket on the gun whilst the ball fits in the destroyer torso nicely.

Finally I added a Deathmark head and a small targeting relay device for his shoulder from a piece of tesla vane from the tomb blades, and a the end of one of the weird spinal bits from the Ghost Ark.


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