Space Hulk Bases Tutorial

This article is originally from 2010, my images back then were smaller and since the article was written the paint range from GW has changed so some colours will no longer be available. A conversion chart can for Citadel paints can be found here.

Today I shall finally show you how I paint my bases for my Deathwing, the bases I use are from Dragon Forge Designs


Because the bases are grey, I spray them grey! I used Hycote Grey primer, it’s almost identical to Codex grey making it a good choice.



I give the base a generous wash of Badab Black:


After that is dry I give it another wash of Devlan Mud


I give the base a heavy drybrush of Adeptus Battlegrey foundation paint


A slightly lighter drybrush of Codex Grey is then applied


around the edges and most raised areas, I lightly drybrush on Astronomican Grey Foundation,


I then go back with devlan mud and brush this lightly near where panelling connects together and around rivets. I also add Iyanden Darksun to the cabling, highlight it up with Sunburst Yellow then give it a wash of Devlan mud.

IMG00464-20090720-1744 IMG00467-20090720-1744

You can apply lettering or numbers for a more hulk style, I went for a simply set of colours so not to draw the attention from the model and used my Non metallic greys instead of Metallics.
The lettering I did with rubber stamps designed for Card Making, simply paint the letter, press it on, CLEAN the letter, highlight it up and add a slight wash around the edges.

IMG00343-20090714-2352-2 (1)

Finally I add black to the edges of the base, below is pictured a finished squad: