Tomb Kings

A double Tomb Kings army I painted for a doubles tournament at Warhammer World back in May 2014. The army has a variety of units to make it more interesting than just blocks of skeletons.

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How to Make a Cheap Gaming Board

I bought a load of shelves from eBay a few months ago, they were used for card making and storing card for selling I think. I have like 6 of these shelving units that I store models on for commissions. I had loads of the wooden shelves left that all pull out. So I simply placed two down, covered them in […]

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Green OSL Tutorial

I decided to make a quick tutorial on how I paint the green glow effect (Object source lighting or OSL) on the eyes of terminators using the new Citadel paints. This technique is different to the previous tutorial, and also is designed for painting green glow on BLUE armour. The techniques I use are transferable to other colours of armour […]

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