Quick! Look!

Ok that grabbed you’re attention.. I think.
No painting today I’m afraid, my new Inline Skates, or Rollerblades as I call them, came today. So I spent majority of the day feeling like a 5 year old, re-learning how to rollerblade. My 5 year old self had much more confidence than 19 year old self.

I’ve recently made pals with a group of players who live in my area, we’ve been sorting out t-shirts for events such as tournaments etc, so I made them a snazzy logo:

  • http://theabsolved.blogspot.com/ squighound

    Rollerblades: Not cool. It's all about the Longboards, man! Why bolt wheels to your feet when you can have the freedom of walking up and down your leisure transport vehicle?!


    Glad you're enjoying it though!

  • nurglephill

    wow how handy are you to have as a friend!! sweet 🙂