Red Scorpion Vehicles Commission Showcase

I have an ongoing commission for Red Scorpion vehicles, about one a month at the moment. The first batch consisted of a Predator, Vindicator, Storm Talon, Storm Raven and a Venerable Dreadnought.

A lot of the techniques used can be found in the Forge World Masterclass book (book two I think!). I really enjoy weathering as it’s a completely different skill set to painting and blending colours. It adds realism to the models that paint just can’t achieve and you find that you don’t really have to have many layers of colours to get a good finish, for example the yellow is just averland sunset with an edge highlight! Once the oiled washes, chipping and weathering are applied it has depth and colours.

My lamps are playing up so there’s no pure white background for these at the moment!

image image   

  • Redscorps

    Nice, looking good man! I really miss my guys. The grey and yellow is a really good combination for the tabletop.

  • Greg Hess

    Looks fantastic! Very striking color combo!