Review: Citadel Finecast, Dante and Commissar Lord

I went down to my local GW today to drool over the new finecast models.

I purchased a few things, my main two being Dante and the Commissar Lord, both looking extremely sweet in Finecast.

So I got them, the clip out beautifully, and are really easy to tidy up.Glue works really well, literally 2 seconds and the parts were stuck together.

The commissar is a beautiful model, the detail on him is astounding. He has little scars on his cheek, and his expression totally says “screw you xenos scum”.

My other purchase was Dante, I’ve never liked the dante model, mainly because he was small, and looked rather pathetic compared to the rest of the sanguinary guard. Not now.. he looks a lot more imposing and “up to date” now all the lovely detail has been bought out. Below you can see some of the comparisons to the old metal one:

And here are the pair together:

One downside to the finecast at the moment is quality control, I can image that GW was rushed off it’s feet supplying the metal models at the same time as casting all the Finecast. I saw some shocking miscasts today, they were all dealt with of course, but they certainly need to up their quality control..

  • bedfordmk2

    Thanks for the review and great pics, despite my worries about the change over they do look great. Just to clarify is the resin Command Dante actually bigger than the metal version?

  • Dezartfox

    I think he is a little, not by much, but because of the detail he looks a
    hell of a lot better!

  • bedfordmk2

    Thanks for clearing that up

  • Christopher Stahl

    The face on the Commisar Lord looks warped. I don’t remember having the metal models such a strange nose.

  • Dezartfox

    Looks perfectly fine to me!
    You’ll find that most of the metal models didn’t really have much of a
    nose.. because of the shrinkage of the metal, the face gets hit the worst.

  • Richard Harris

    Interesting to note, supporting my theory about Finecast being a rush job, if you look at the old metal entry on their website for Wood Elf Lord with Great Weapon and the new entry for Wood Elf Highborn with Great Weapon, from the stray grass on the branch you can see that they are the same photo, obviously they didn’t have time to paint some of the new models and thought/hoped that nobody would notice.

  • Dezartfox

    All the models painted by the studio are the resin masters anyway.

  • Mart

    the quality is a bit crisper, but they just aint worth the money in my book… they were pushing it with price on metal…. if I wanted to pay FW prices, I’ll just buy FW…. Good cpmparison tho…

  • Dezartfox

    The prices would have gone up regardless if they were finecast or metal.
    Happens every year.. just happened to be on the same day as the finecast

  • Mart

    yeah but that doesent make it right. Finecast is more expensive than FW now, be it by pence, its still more expensive if you look at like for like, the commander culln of the red scorps £14.30, finecast termi rines are £14.50… no thank you… I dont care how much crisper the details are, its to much for me anyway.

  • Poosh

    Be careful of people saying “oh, the prices would have gone up anyway.” GW do engage in arbitrary price-hikes, but it is not a given that they are annual. The company will engage in a discussion as to if they should or should not raise prices. They decided to raise the price of finecast from the metal costs for various reasons, after all, the price rises of their plastic boxed sets were selected. Let’s say that word again – selected. It was not a price-hike across the board. Decisions were made, Finecast were released with a price tag greater than their metal counterparts. It is just as likely that GW decided to release Finecast at an increased price, demanding customers pay more, and THEN decided to jump the prices of their plastics. Beware of fanboys etc trying to justify GW’s behavior. A mistcast is a defective product. Like a TV not working after you bought it. It is shocking how accepting people are of their treatment by GW.