Rivets The EASY Way

For my Birthday in January I purchased the FW modelling masterclass book (fantastic book, go buy it!), there’s a little section on rivets and what they use. It’s actually a brilliant method, I’ve just been trying to find a cheap way of doing it.
So, all you need is a water filter cartridge, these vary in price, usually around £3 or £4. I was wandering about Sainsburies when I saw they had a generic Sainsburies brand water filter cartridge for £2.30. I didn’t care that I’m almost out of money, I purchased one with the excitement of being able to make rivets! A little sad really..

Simple cut open the mesh bit and pout out the contents into a container. Whalla! You have a million tiny rivets that will last you forever. I have 2 full tubs of the stuff:

All you have to do is make a small indent in your model where you want a rivet (I recommend making a mark with your knife first, so the pinvice doesn’t slip). Depending on the size of the rivet will determine how deep you want the hole, you want the rivet to be about half way in.
Put a spot of glue on a piece of card (or your desk if you’re messy!), stab the end of your knife into the rivet to pick it up, dab it in the glue and place it in the hole:

I also put a spot more glue over them to seal gaps and to make sure they don’t fall out.
Not the best pictures, but you get the idea! Make sure you have some good drill bits of varying sizes.. I don’t right now, so I’m stuck with the “fat” rivets until I buy some more.

  • Lee Jerrum

    Nice work tim. 🙂

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  • nurglephill

    Hey Tiimy, my mum dropped over a couple of her britta filters a few weeks back 😉

    Way cool isnt it? 🙂

  • winterous

    Interesting, quite nice.
    But um, your proposed method of 'stabbing them with thine knife', wouldn't that leave a hole in the rivet?

  • John

    Thanks for the Sansburys tip

  • krom_stormbrow

    Te application of glue over the top solves this

  • winterous

    Aah yes, very true.

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