Sanguinary Guard: A New Dante and Sanguinor

As cool as the new Sanguinor model is, I find him a bit small compared to the Sanguinary Guard models. After building my new Dante (lower down), Sanguinor was looking really small. So I decided to hack him up and make a new model!

I chopped off his arms and head, stuck them to a Sang Guard body, added Sanguinors backpack and used Astorath’s wings as I felt they were more angelic than Sanguinors.

Here are some comparison shots comparing the size of the models:

Also, Dante was looking pretty small next to his Sanguinary Guard. I guess that’s the age of miniature showing. I used Astoraths backpack, Sanguinors wings, Sanguinary guard parts and Dante’s melta pistol.

I think these two models make a good centerpiece for the army, plus if anyone else has a Sanguinary Guard army.. at least mine is different!

  • nurglephill

    Wow. those are two superb mew mini's tiim. seriously AWESOME looking. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kuffy

    They look great dude! I like the conversions. Sanguinor is a great mini, but they've done the usual thing at GW and made him in an odd static pose. I like yours, he looks a little more dynamic.

    Your Dante is definitely better than GWs. Again, its all in the pose. They'll look great when painted up. Nice work!

  • mart007

    yep could be another best army in the offing…

  • Darklighter

    I can't wait to see these on Thursday.

  • magiler

    Iยดm 200% positive for this conversion, as I do not like at all the body pose of original model. Fantastic work.

  • Havik110

    which pistol did you give your daunte? A DC box or a converted sang gaurd?

  • Dezartfox

    Dante's pistol, the one that comes with Dante ๐Ÿ™‚