Sanguinary Guard Commission Showcase

I was asked to paint up a single squad of Sanguinary Guard from the Blood Angels army as a one off commission.

I’ve always liked these models however I just wish there was a better way to connect the wings! I leave them off for painting purposes so they are superglued on. If anyone has any tips that’d be great!

I used the new citadel gold paints to paint this squad of Sanguinary Guard, following the same scheme as my Stormcast Eternals with purple used as a wash. The new citadel golds are great paints and if you haven’t had chance to use them yet I highly recommend them.

The newer 32mm bases really help the Sanguinary Guard, I had an army of them on 25mm bases and they were forever topling over!

The weapons I went for a spongeing technique of blues and then glazed green, a bit different to the usual lightning pattern.