Sanguinary Guard Commission

In my last post I mentioned about getting the Dwarfs complete before moving… well that didn’t happen! The client was happy for me to leave them until after I had moved (and so he could add some more stuff to them too!).

The move is now complete (almost… if you’ve been following me on Facebook you’ll have seen the picture of my desk this morning!), I’ve put together more flatpack furniture than I can recall… but after a busy week everything is pretty much sorted 🙂 Once I’ve finished the office I’ll run everyone through my set-up as well as some of my ways to speed up the production line of models I have waiting to be painted!


Not liking to start on a week long project mid-week I decided to paint a unit of Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard and The Sanguinor from another commission project. I do like smaller projects sometimes!

I managed to get the unit built, the golds airbrused on and a wash of Sepia applied in the afternoon. I really liked the look of the Sepia over the gold when it was wet so I plan to give them a coat of gloss which’ll make the gold pop. I used a XV-88 brown as a basecoat (gives the gold more strength) and the airbrused Balthasar Gold, Gehanna’s Gold and Auric Armour gold over in that order before the wash of sepia.

10846187_1084940388198694_6691119214947998789_n 10291846_1084940414865358_2686512472953833608_n

The wings I’ve left off and stuck to a bit of sprue to airbrush separately.