Skull Armour – Take ONE

A while ago in my head I had this great idea of covering my World Eater vehicles in skulls, because you know, Khorne likes skulls..

Well that idea faded after I realised I’d have to find and chop up a few hundred skull to cover 5 vehicles.
Last night I had another idea, I’d seen this technique which I call “Press Moulding”, as that’s what it is, here’s an article I found on it.
I remembered reading about this a few months back but couldn’t really find a use for it.
Well now I have!
Back to that skull idea.. I decided that I would make some press moulds for some insets to go onto a Rhino, this way it would look as though the skulls were part of the vehicle and not just stuck on, all it would use is greenstuff, a bit of patience and time.

So, some basic knowledge is needed before you start so this is what I use:

Some sort of oil, vegetable/cooking oil for example, this stops he green stuff sticking to the pieces, vehicle or other bits of greenstuff.

A flat surface, I’ve made all my newer moulds on 40mm and 60mm bases.


I rolled out a lump of greenstuff onto my flat surface (this attempt it was a piece of plastic.) so it was even and flat.
I added spread a small amount of vegetable oil onto the surface and then simply pressed it onto the part of the rhino I wanted to add skulls too.
Lastly I press a skull into the greenstuff. Leave it to dry for a few hours and you’ll have this:

This is the mould, it should still have a coat of oil on it but if not, simply add some more. You can now press a lump of greenstuff over this like before. (On the newer moulds I use another base with some oil on to sandwich the two pieces together). Once that is dry you simply peel it away and you’ll have this:

Simply trim around the edge so it fits, this is where I sort of failed, but it can be neatened up later with additional greenstuff.
I’ve currently got moulds made for nearly all the inset areas and eventually they’ll be skulls across a lot of the vehicle, here’s the test piece, note In the newer moulds the skulls are more vertical instead of lopsided.

The new moulds are drying right now, so I’ll have TAKE TWO done soon!

  • nurglephill

    The Tim is a very cool idea. Very cool. How many tanks…If you pull that off on all of them its gonna kick ass…serious ass.
    Does you think you will replace the doors too? Maybe do even more ornate work on a HQ rhino for example…?
    As ever Tim, Top class and a great inspiration :)

  • ctreleheb

    I like this idea very much, looks great and looks easy enough. Consider this idea stolen, haha, I will use this on a project soon. Hopefully, it turns out as good as yours. Great work and thanks for posting this idea.

  • feldmarshalgoehring

    Great work. I love it. I think I will have to add this recipe to my cookbook!! Thanks, bud.

  • ronsaikowski

    Great stuff here, looks perfect on the vehicle.

  • Silber

    Awesome. I'd strongly consider getting some water based lube. Yeah, THAT kind of lube. Works a treat. I used to use cooking oil, too. Lube is better. It's far easier to clean of, too.

    That's my experience, at least….

  • hakoMike

    That solves the problem I've been having for ages with cleaning up petroleum based lubrication on minis. Thank you!

  • Silber

    Well, I hope it works as well for you as it does for me. I use it for everything, sculpting, pressmoulding, you name it. I never tried vaseline or oil for sculpting, though, so I can't tell you wether it behaves different there, only that lube works fine….

  • Mitch

    Wow! I wish you can sell those! :)


  • winterous

    That looks wicked man!
    Love it, that would be useful for any army, for insignias and stuff.

  • Gabriel

    What skull did you use? It looks high detail.
    The overall look is ACE, keep up the work man!

    Kindest regards
    from Sweden =)

  • phil

    thx for the advice mate looks well class