Slaanesh Chaos Daemons!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been expanding my Chaos Daemons armies! I currently have a 1500pt+ army for Slaanesh and Khorne in the works, with Nurgle arriving soon!

Here’s a quick pic I snapped of my Slaanesh:

Each Mono-God list is very different to play with. Where the Tzeentch one can deepstrike far away and be happy, the Slaanesh needs to get a little closer so they don’t have to weather the shear amount of firepower they’ll take. I found with their speed you can land close to not so close, then use a combo of Pavane (mini-Lash) and Fleet-of-Foot to get close, and as there’s a few Beasts in the army it makes the list very fast!

  • Mercer

    A good start there, dude. Slaanesh daemons are my fav 🙂