Slaanesh Daemonettes Commission

Well the facebook competition give-away is going strong with over 80 comments so far 🙂

Also if you haven’t yet read it on the Facebook page, I’m now a full time commission painter. Hurrah!

I have enough work booked for the following months that I was able to leave my part-time position (I did IT and Web Development for a small local company) and go full time into painting. Which means more updates, more dedication to the site and best of all more models!

Yesterdays work consisted of 20 Slaanesh Daemonettes painted to my Tabletop Standard level of commission:

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The Slaanesh Daemonettes scheme was pretty straightforward:

Base coat daemonette hide.
Airbrush above with Warp Fiend grey.
Airbrush above with Slaanesh Grey.
Wash thinned Carroburg Crimson.
Drybrush lightly with Pallid Wych flesh.

Wash Nuln Oil (It’ll be the flesh base colors already)
Wash cloth bits druchii violet

Wash Carroburg Crimson.
Wash Nuln Oil .
Highlight with pink (Can’t remember which).

Glaze Bloodletter.
Wash end of claws Nuln Oil .
Wash ends of claws again.
Gloss varnish entire claw.

Dot  with white.
Dust with Green Day Glow Pigment.

Coat with Agrellan earth.
Paint black.
Dust with orange day glow pigments leaving it in the cracks, wipe excess away with finger.

  • greggles

    Big fan of the skin and eye OSL here. Did you do a soft gradient on the skin tones from top to bottom? It looks really well done!

  • Dezartfox

    Thanks! Yes it was a simple overspray with the airbrush Same could be done drybrushing or blending) with the colors in the list, then the thinned wash helps tie them all together 🙂

  • greggles

    That’s great! Well it works really well, and helps add variance in the skin tone and promote interest. Hope you get lots of clients, as it’s obvious you have skill!