Some Gaming & Conversion Work..

Been busy this week!

Well.. not really.. University is over! I’ve been in the store gaming most of the week, testing out our various army lists for each system.
I’ve been trying out a new gaming style for the High Elves, which revolves around shooting, and 4 Bolt Throwers. I managed to acquire a fair few Lothern Seaguard for next to nothing, and found that I can’t go back to normal spearmen as the Lothern are such nice models! Just so pricey pts wise..

For 40k I tried out the new Triarch Stalkers for my Necrons. They worked quite well, no idea how I’m going to fit two in every list though.. really running out of room in my lists! Everything is so good!

Finally, we’re starting a Lotr campaign at the store, so we’ve been playtesting lists and a couple of scenarios for the campaign. I’m still deciding on which armies to use (good and evil). I think I might use the Lothlorien Elves I painted last weekfor the Good army, and either the Uruks, both bought up to date using the new books.

In preparation for my decisions, I’ve been re-modelling some of my existing models to fit with the new lists:

I chopped off some swords from some Orcs I’ve never used to turn my Corsairs into Reavers:

These guys are really good, 2 attacks at F5, and Defence 4, same as a normal Corsair! They just lose the throwing daggers 🙁 But as the spears still have their daggers, I can take losing a couple of shots for extra fight and attacks!

I didn’t like the finecast banners from the Galadrihim Command set, the scheme wasn’t drying the same as the other elves, so I converted some spare spearmen into banners using the finecast banners: