Space Hulk: 1st Edition Goodness!

The best parcel came through the post today.

A shiny copy of Space Hulk from 1989, it’s almost brand new and barely been touched. Only thing better would be a unopened copy!
I simply love the artwork on the box, beautiful!

Here’s one of the Terminators, along with some comparison shots, do you know how difficult it is to find these guys with the aerials still attached?

On the back is a picture of the contents, have a close look at the terminators and ‘stealers, the image is definitely a prototype of the game, the terminators show are “Mark3 Prototypes” and the ‘stealers are similar to the metal ones released around that time too, the arms are closer to the body than the SH ‘stealers we all know. Notice how the board is a different colour too. Boy I’d love to get my sticky fingers on some of those plastic Mk3’s..

Lastly here’s a picture of the main sprue that came with Space Hulk, you got 5 of these in total, all the same.

Will upload some better pictures for the Gallery sometime in the future!

  • Warhammer 39,999

    Wow… I never realized that the first edition space hulk came with different models. Though I find them quite hideous, I too would like to get a hold of some of the clasic models–if only for posterity's sake.

    Thanks for cluing me in…

  • Siph

    I have a 1st Edn with Deathwing and Genestealer expansions! It's awesome RT era fun with aerials attached on the squad sergeants. The stealers are all the same though and the Deathwing Librarians are naff. Great massive board sections for assault cannon fun and barricades too. Best bit is it is fully compatable with new board sections albeit a bit thinner. Wicked stuuf, great to see how the plastic minis have progressed in 20yrs!
    Oh, I have a squad of 5 MK3 termies too – but in metal. Never released in plastic

  • nurglephill

    Cool! Aerials too, well done 😉