Space Hulk Army List

Ok, I think I have the final list for my Space Hulk Themed army:]

Belial – Lightning Claws  = 130

Chaplain – Terminator Armour  = 145

Command Squad (apoth – Chain Fist, assault cannon), (banner bearer – ThunderHammer, Stormshield), 2 x (Lightning Claws) ,  (sergeant – lightningclaws) = 305

Squad 1 – (sergeant – power weapon and StormBolter), (Lightning Claw), (Assault Cannon, Powerfist)

2x (Powerfist StormBolter)  = (245)

Squad 2 – (sergeant – power weapon and StormBolter), (Lightning Claw), (Cyclone Missile Launcher, Stormbolter, Powerfist),

2x (Powerfist StormBolter) = (245)

Venerable Dreadnought – twin linked lascannon, missile launcher, Venerable, extra armour,  (190)

Landraider (250)


As mentioned yesterday, the plan is:

Belial, Chaplain and Command Squad deepstrike together using the DW assault rule and slice things up,  a lightning claw Terminator has 5 attacks on the charge (2 normal, 1 for 2 LC’s, +1 for banner, +1 for charging) all re-rolling hits and to wound. Three of them Plus Belial is death to anything that they walk into. I decided to put the Assault Cannon on the Apothercary as he’s usually the last model to die, and if he does accidentally suffer a wound he can, of course, ignore it.

Squad 1 will also deepstrike on turn one, hopefully close to Belials squad to have enough terminators to hurt, or at the other side of the board to cause a distraction, they have one pair of Lightning Claws and the Sergeants power weapon to deal with anything that can’t wait for the powerfists. Again an Assault cannon as I find the Cyclone Missiles a bit crap. 4 rending shots seem better than a single missile.

Squad 2 will start in the Landraider, which will also be followed by the Dreadnought, I have a nice little pocket of long range firepower that can move across the board and be a huge distraction, heavy weapons really hurt terminators, hopefully the Landraider and Dreadnought can take it a lot better. Squad 2 have a Cyclone, despite my earlier comment I needed the extra ten points to make the dreadnought venerable. Plus they can walk alongside the Landraider and provide fire support at long range. 5 terminators sat in a Landraider ontop of an objective is extremely difficult to budge. Extremely difficult.

I’ll be using the old One Piece Plastic Terminators (I call the Space Hulk Termies) from Space Hulk. I plan to sculpt and cast several Lightning claw attachments, as well as a “clip on” Assault Cannon and Cyclone Missile Launcher. The original models had a clip on Heavy Flamer, which fitted over the Assault cannon. I hope to start working on these soon, so will post some doodles later on!

  • nurglephill

    i am really looking forward to seeing the 'clip on' weapons you plan to make 🙂 very cool idea!