Space Hulk Bases Tutorial

Today I shall finally show you how I paint my bases for my Deathwing, the bases I use are from Dragon Forge Designs, a link is to the left RIGHT—>


Because the bases are grey, I spray them grey! I used Hycote Grey primer, it’s almost identical to Codex grey making it a good choice.

I give the base a generous wash of Badab Black:

After that is dry I give it another wash of Devlan Mud

I give the base a heavy drybrush of Adeptus Battlegrey foundation paint

A slightly lighter drybrush of Codex Grey is then applied

around the edges and most raised areas, I lightly drybrush on Astronomican Grey Foundation,

I then go back with devlan mud and brush this lightly near where panelling connects together and around rivets. I also add Iyanden Darksun to the cabling, highlight it up with Sunburst Yellow then give it a wash of Devlan mud.

You can apply lettering or numbers for a more hulk style, I went for a simply set of colours so not to draw the attention from the model and used my Non metallic greys instead of Metallics.
The lettering I did with rubber stamps designed for Card Making, simply paint the letter, press it on, CLEAN the letter, highlight it up and add a slight wash around the edges.

Finally I add black to the edges of the base, below is pictured a finished squad:

  • Bomster

    Looking good! I particularly liked the rubber stamp idea – whenever I paint those on as freehand work they tend to look somewhat “unnatural”. These on the other hand look pretty realistic.

  • Itkovian

    Thanks for the mini-tutorial. I was intending to do a rusted effect to contrast with my boltgun morlocks, but I think I'll give this method a try and see how it goes…

  • nurglephill

    very nice tutorial tim thanks 🙂