Space Hulk Commission Showcase

Being a full time painter I often end up painting the same things multiple times. This can be a bit repetitive and tiresome if they’re all very close together however this Space Hulk commission was about a year apart from when I painted another set meaning I was able to see how my techiques have changed and developed over the year.

I kept the armour quite clean to represent the squads only just boarding the Space Hulk and I also kept my zenithial highlights more towards the head to show the dark conditions. This helps the eyes stand out a bit more too.

Both the Genestealers and Terminators from the set were painted using a variety of techniques with the main colours all receiving airbrush highlights, drybrushing and then glazing. I find combining these methods gives a more natural look to the model with no single method overpowering the model.

For the Genestealer bases (and the door bases that I didn’t photograph) I went with a grey scheme over metallics to more closely match the style of the board pieces.

Overall I’m very happy with how they turned out and I’m very pleased on my own personal progess compared to a year ago!


  • Lord Manton