Space Hulk Painting Contest and Dice!

Firstly, YAY! My Space Hulk dice came, there was a Bits Store selling Space Hulk parts, so I bought 20 dice (4/5ths of their stock..). I know I could have probably found similar dice elsewhere.. but these are special as they’re from Space Hulk. Yeah I am that sad.

And secondly, here are my entries for the Painting Contest my (current) local store is running, I’ll be heading up to Middlesbrough on Sunday, unsure how my internet will be but I can still post.. more or less..

Anywho! Here are pictures before I get sidetracked even further:

  • nurglephill

    so….when do you know if you won?

  • Dezartfox

    Tomorrow! Will update around 7 probably before I pack up my pc 🙂

  • nurglephill

    Good Luck!!! although i think you have it in the bag 🙂

    what will you win?

  • Elazar The Glorified

    So you're the one that got all the dice! 😉
    I do love the dice.
    Your models look great, best of luck for the competition! 🙂

  • Pedro García de Zúñiga

    Good luck!

  • DarkStarSabre

    Obsessed! How much did those dice set you back anyhow?

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