Space Hulk?!

Well the rumour is that Space Hulk is indeed the Mystery Box, apparently full details will go out in a Newsletter from GW later tonight.
I’m still dubious until an official announcement. Games Day Germany Staff were all wearing a T-shirt with a Terminator head on and customers had a Tyranid skull. But that could just be GW winding us up big style!

But anyway.. I’ve changed my Background for my Blackberry to this:

  • winterous

    That is a sweet background.
    But wait, wait.



    What Mystery Box?

  • Dezartfox


    Ordered mine already 🙂

  • Dezartfox

    The models are lovely, hopefully they'll be that quality in the box!

    I was playing it last weekend, extremely fun, it's just when there's one Genestealer left charging at you and your terminator's Stormbolter jams.. NOOOooOOOoo

  • winterous

    Well old chap, I guess the rumors were correct.

  • winterous

    Interestingly enough, I've never played it.

    I think I'm going to order it <_<
    Hell, all I need is the rules, I'd ENJOY doing the models and scenery.
    I'll still get it though, so I can pley it with my fweeeends :3

  • winterous

    You mean that quality of paintjob?
    I doubt it, there's pictures of a game with all the models unpainted (or looks like it).

    I certainly hope they keep printing (or releasing on the internet) the rules, it'd be a shame to have the game only in the hands of a few (legally).